FE Series

Since the very first CANTER rolled out in 1963, it has equipped businesses everywhere with one thing – reliability. Now, almost 50 years down the line, its legacy still continues strongly. The reason for its success can be found in its innnovative features and also the fact that it is made by understanding a customer’s needs. Today, it is sold and continues to be driven all over Asia, as we are sure it will be for many years to come.



Team up in a single engine

Canter engines have the power for your light-duty needs. Their proven performance comes hand in hand with power, fuel efficiency, plus clean emissions for the environment. The full output lineup means each truck model gets the best matching engine.



In-Dash Gearshift

The CANTER is equipped with a newly developed in-dash gearshift with a crisp-shifting short stroke. Within easy reach of the steering wheel, it lets the driver assume a comfortable upright sitting position even when shifting, thus reducing fatique.

Wide Swinging Door

The CANTER door swings out to a wide 950mm creating ample room for getting in and out.

Big Cab Step

A big Cab Step makes it easy to get in and out of the cab.

Easy to move from driver-seat to assistant-seat


Document box

Cup/Bottle holder

Ticket/Card holder

Multi pocket

Coat hook



Box Frame

The addition of an inner stiffener at the front section, creating a box frame structure and increase the rigidity of the frame

Chassis members

Which deform longitudinally in a frontal collision for greater occupant protection

Door Side Beam

Side impact beams offers improved protection in the event of a side-on collision

Seat Belt

3-point Seatbelts on driver seat and assistant seat. 2-point Lapbelt on centre seat.



Front Stabilizer bars

Reduces body roll to provide improved driver comfort and vehicle stability

Berlin-eye multi-leaf front springs

It minimizes steering stagger by the movement of the suspensions



FUSO Quality Gate

We have implemented a new qualify management system called “FUSO Quality Gate” to ensure maximum customer satisfaction

Rust Prevention

The new cabin design uses Zinc plating and resin parts extensively, to prevent rusting over time.

Enhanced door durability

A new door hinge and pillar structural modifications yield a door that contains firm opening and closing over the long term.

Timing Gear

Equipped with crankshaft and camshaft gears that last as long as the engine’s lifespan, making it more reliable as they do not need to be replaced, unlike timing belts and timing chains.

New Window Regulator

Newly designed two ways window regulator generates a stronger center of gravity to prevent glass from becoming skew

Pilot bearing

A large size pilot bearing is used to improve durability and prevent noise.

Harness connector water proofing

The wire connectors at the chassis are now equipped with covers that prevent water from making direct contact with the wire.