The new Mitsubishi Fuso EURO II FM Series is built for optimum comfort and durability during heavy duty transport, thanks to an improved frame design and suspension system. Its front and rear suspension system, combined with improvements to the front & rear axles, provides smooth riding comfort.

The FM Series comes with a turbocharged & intercooled EURO II engine that produces significantly less Nitrogen Oxide and black smoke. Apart from being just kind to the environment, it also provides better fuel economy. It also comes with an Innovative Snorkel Air Intake System.

MITSUBISHI FUSO's application of the latest technologies to the FM Series simply means that you get a durable truck that delivers power, smoothness and driving comfort, no matter how you use it.

  • Performance

    6.4L 6S20 Engine

    A new heavy duty engine from FUSO that combines performance and efficiency.

    High Torque Output with Flat Curve Characteristics

    Pull any load with ease with 1,100Nm torque from 1,200-1,600rpm only with FJ1828R.

    Unit Pump System (UPS)

    Individual fuel pump for each cylinder ensures precise fuel quantity is injected at high pressure, delivering unmatched fuel efficiency.

    LCD Intelligent Instrument Cluster

    LCD intelligent instrument cluster provides multiple vital information at a glance such as trip, mileage, neutral & reverse gear indication, fuel consumption, range, etc.

    ECO Meter Indicator

    ECO Meter Indicator gives indication to the driver on the correct gear and speed for optimum fuel efficiency.

    High Gradeability

    Designed for even the most challenging terrain.

    Cruise Control & Speed Limiter

    Improve fuel efficiency with first in class cruise control & speed limiter by minimizing throttle changes and reducing driving fatigue.

    Power Take Off (PTO)

    Available as standard on the 5,100mm wheelbase variant, PTO allows easy set up of different varieties of body application to suit user needs.



    Fully Suspended Cabin

    Spring suspended cabin for better comfort and driving quality.

    Spacious & Practical Cabin

    Simple & highly practical cabin with ergonomic switches, plentiful storage spaces for a more productive drive.

    Air Suspended Seat

    3-way adjustable air suspended seats help drivers to find the best driving position & reduce fatigue on bumpy and long distance driving.

    Foldable Bunk Bed

    Wide berth bunk bed enhances rest and sleep for better productivity and safety.

    Climbing Handles

    Located on both side of vehicle (driver & passenger), the handle bars makes it easy and less tiring to get in and out.

    90° Door Opening

    Large door opening provides easy entry to cabin.

    Parabolic Spring

    Standard front spring for FJ1828R, parabolic spring improves ride comfort and have increased durability versus semi elliptical springs.

    LED Cabin Lamp

    FJ1828R cabin is fully equipped with LED cabin lamp for brighter illumination and better aesthetics.

    Under Seat Lockable Storage

    Secure valuables with a lockable storage box under co-driver seat for better peace of mind.



    Variable Engine Speed Control

    Built-in engine speed control allows quick and easy engine speed setting as required by various PTO applications.

    Heavy Duty Chasis

    Heavy duty reinforced chassis frame for increased load bearing ability and vehicle stability.

    Mercedes-Benz 9-Speed Transmission

    Durable transmission with faster gear shift using less effort.

    All Steel 3-piece Bumper

    Reduce repair cost & downtime with 3 individual piece all steel bumper by changing only the damaged piece.

    Easy-Open Front Lid

    Easy access to crucial checking points such as clutch fluid, radiator coolant level, engine oil level & etc, for maintenance.

    High Cab Tilt Angle

    Hydraulic cabin tilt with big angle and wide opening is service friendly and safer.


    Low Maintenance

    395mm Diameter Clutch

    Larger and thicker clutch lining reduces clutch slippage, for better performance and reduced wastage.

    Clutch Wear Indicator

    Easy-to-see clutch wear indicator helps reduce downtime, ensure clutch can be used safely and full utilisation of clutch lining life.

    Long Service Internal

    With class leading 25,000km service interval, FJ1828R is designed to reduce maintenance costs and increase uptime for better profitability.



    Anti-lock Braking System

    Prevent wheels lock-up under heavy braking, reducing stopping distance & maintaining steering control.

    Engine & Exhaust Brake

    Experience higher engine braking performance, increased fuel and brake efficiency through an unique engine & exhaust brake combination from FUSO.

    Front & Rear Stabiliser Bar

    Improve vehicle stability and road grip especially during cornering and high speeds.

    Exclusive 15L Air Tank for Clutch Operations

    Allows clutch operation even in case of failure in air charging system for safer operations.

    LED Daytime Running Light (DRL)

    Bright signature LED DRL increases road awareness and vehicle visibility by other road users.

    Wider, Thicker Brake Lining

    With wider and thicker brake lining, FJ1828R reduces stopping distance and provides longer brake liner life for higher productivity.

    Rear Axle Differential Lock

    Increases traction to overcome wheel spin in muddy or slippery road condition with FJ1828R’s differential lock.

    Integrated Washer Nozzle

    Integrated washer nozzles cleans windshield more effectively using minimal amount of water.

    Built-in Antitheft Fuel Mesh

    With 2 levels of protection, prevent fuel theft or tampering, ensuring vehicle readiness and reliability.

    Reverse Sensor

    Reverse Sensor for easy and safer operation.

  • Body Application


    MODEL R.H.D. FJ1828R


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    Drive Train 4x2


    Max G.V.W 19 Tonne
    Kerb weight approx.
    6,410 kg
    6,615 kg
    Fuel Tank 265 litre


    Wheelbase (W.B.)
    5,100 mm
    6,000 mm
    Overall length (O.A.L.)
    9,060 mm
    10,410 mm
    Overall width (O.A.W.) 2,490 mm
    Overall height (O.A.H.) 2,910 mm

    Tread - Front (T.F.)

              - Back (T.R.)

    2,045 mm

    1,805 mm

    Front overhang (F.O.H) 1,460 mm
    Rear overhang (R.O.H)
    2,500 mm
    2,950 mm
    Cab to rear axle (C.A.)
    4,420 mm
    5,320 mm


    Model  Fuso 6S20
    Type 4-Stroke, Water-Cooled, Direct Injection With Unitized Injection Pump, Turbocharged Intercooled
    Piston displacement 6,373 cc
    Max. output 280PS (205kW) @ 2,200rpm
    Max. torque 1,100Nm @ 1,200-1,600rpm
    Fuel System Diesel Engine, Common Rail


    Model/ No. of Speed  G131/ 9-Speed Manual
    Gear ratios

    Crawler 14.573

    1st 9.478

    2nd 6.635

    3rd 4.821

    4th 3.667

    5th 2.585

    6th 1,810

    7th 1,315

    8th 1,000

    Reverse 13.862


    Front Axle Reverse Elliot, “I” Beam
    Rear Axle  Full Floating With Differential Lock


    Front Suspension Parabolic Leaf Spring With Double Acting Shock Absorber And Stabiliser
    Rear Suspension Semi Elliptical Multi Leaf Spring With Stabiliser


    Front 295/80R22.5
    Rear 295/80R22.5


    Service Brake Drum Brake, Full Air, Dual Circuit With Antilock Brake System (ABS) & Auto Brake Shoes Adjuster
    Parking Brake Air Operated Spring Brake Acting On Rear Axle
    Auxiliary Brake Engine & Exhaust



    Hydraulic Power Assisted

    Telescopic and Tilt Steering Column with Steering Lock


    Type 12 Volt x 2, 120 Ah
    Alternator 24V - 80Amps

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