The new Mitsubishi Fuso EURO II FM Series is built for optimum comfort and durability during heavy duty transport, thanks to an improved frame design and suspension system. Its front and rear suspension system, combined with improvements to the front & rear axles, provides smooth riding comfort.

The FM Series comes with a turbocharged & intercooled EURO II engine that produces significantly less Nitrogen Oxide and black smoke. Apart from being just kind to the environment, it also provides better fuel economy. It also comes with an Innovative Snorkel Air Intake System.

MITSUBISHI FUSO's application of the latest technologies to the FM Series simply means that you get a durable truck that delivers power, smoothness and driving comfort, no matter how you use it.

  • Performance

    7.5L 6M60-1AT2 Engine

    Highest horsepower in segment for better productivity & cost efficiency.


    Designed for even the most challenging terrain



    Sleek Cabin

    Sleek looking cabin shape to give a more powerful, yet modern look.

    Colour-matching Bumper

    Round, body colour-matching bumper showcase a more modern look and better integration into cabin design.

    Aerodynamic Quarter Panels

    Aerodynamic design of front and rear quarter panels allows smoother air flow, improving fuel economy.

    Super Frame Structure

    FUSO Super Frame structure has greater frame torsional rigidity and is simpler for body mounting.

    200 litre Fuel Tank

    200 litre fuel tank capacity with lockable fuel cap ensures protection from fuel theft and peace of mind for customers.



    Comfortable Driving Position

    Comfortable, ergonomic driving position with wide forward view, reduces driver’s fatigue and increase uptime.

    Extra Spacious Cabin

    Compact overhead light unit for extra roominess, while maintaining practicality.

    Wide Door Opening

    Wide door opening angle, additional lower step for safe & easy entry/exit.

    Tilt and Telescopic Steering

    Tilting and telescopic steering wheel adjustment to fit the best position for driver.

    Climbing Handles

    Easier for drivers entry and exit from the cabin with larger grab handle.

    Suspended Adjustable Seat

    Spring suspended with multi direction adjustable seat elevates driving comfort, reducing driver’s fatigue on every day journey.

    Driver-focused Cockpit

    Increased comfort and safer driving through FUSO’s driver-focused cockpit, with intuitive, easy to reach controls.

    ECO Zone Indicator

    Improve fuel economics with guidance on economic operation on FUSO FM’s tachometer.

    Easy-to-read Instrument Cluster

    Large, tidy, symmetrical instrument cluster gauges allows easy-to-see information to assist drivers on their driving.

    Retractable Cup Holder

    Retractable cup holder that can be stowed away when not needed for more space.

    Practical Storage Options

    Highly practical workspace with various flexible storage options, at center and overhead console.



    Increased Occupant Protection

    Rigid cab structure & robust cab body for maximised protection for occupants.

    Impact Absorption Steering Wheel

    Impact absorbing steering wheel & column deform to lessen impact, reducing chance of serious injuries to driver in collision.

    Emergency Locking Retractor

    Emergency locking retractor (ELR) with 3-point seat belts automatically locks during rapid deceleration to protect drivers during collision.

    Anti-lock Braking System

    Antilock Braking System help to maintain control of vehicle during emergency braking situations, and enable proper steering around obstacles.

    Reverse Sensors

    Reverse sensors for easy reverse operation.

    Full Air Brake System

    Dual circuit full air brake system gives the most powerful brake force generation with the lightest pedal action for excellent active safety.

  • Body Application







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    Drive Train 4x2


    Max G.V.W 18 Tonne
    Kerb weight approx. 4,905 kg
    Fuel Tank 200 litre


    Wheelbase (W.B.) 5,850 mm
    Overall length (O.A.L.) 9,965 mm
    Overall width (O.A.W.) 2,470 mm
    Overall height (O.A.H.) 2,680 mm

    Tread - Front (T.F.)

              - Back (T.R.)

    1,925 mm

    1,850 mm

    Front overhang (F.O.H) 1,245 mm
    Rear overhang (R.O.H) 2,800 mm
    Cab to rear axle (C.A.) 5,105 mm


    Model  Fuso 6M60-1AT2
    Type 6- Cylinder In-Line, 4-Stroke, Water-Cooled, Turbocharged with Intercooler
    Piston displacement 7,545 cc
    Max. output 270PS (199kW) @ 2,600rpm
    Max. torque 785Nm @ 1,400rpm
    Fuel System Diesel Engine, Common Rail


    Model/ No. of Speed  M070S6/ 6-Speed Manual
    Gear ratios

    1st 6.807

    2nd 4.172

    3rd 2.396

    4th 1.504

    5th 1.00

    6th 0.774

    Reverse 6.807


    Front Axle Reverse Elliot, “I” Beam
    Rear Axle  Full Floating 


    Front Suspension Long Taper Leaf Springs with Shock Absorbers
    Rear Suspension Laminated Leaf Springs


    Front 11R22.5 148/145 (Tubeless)
    Rear 11R22.5 148/145 (Tubeless)


    Service Brake Full Air, Dual Circuit, Wedge type, ABS
    Parking Brake Spring Loaded on Rear Wheels
    Auxiliary Brake Exhaust Brake



    Ball Nut with Integral Hydraulic Power Booster

    Telescopic and Tilt Steering Column with Steering Lock


    Type 12 Volt x 2, 65 Ah at 20hr rate
    Alternator 24V - 50Amps

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